“Biochar Now LLC has been manufacturing high quality Biochar for over 8 years. Historically, one of our large markets has been in plant growth and various soil amendments. We have sold millions of dollars of product into these markets because of the benefits we bring to these customers. We believe the way ISB uses our product in their finished product will be able to help our existing customer base and new customers get our product to the ground with better efficiencies but help control costs. The use of our product in the ISB seed ball will enhance many markets in forestry, specialty agricultural such as hemp and even retail distribution. Biochar Now is excited to have the relationship with ISB and sees big things for both our products.”

James Gaspard, CEO Biochar Now LLC

 "Pyrogenic biocarbon amendment has been scientifically demonstrated to improve soil nutrient and water retention. This results in increased plant biomass production in biocarbon-amended soils compared to controls. While a great deal of study is required to optimize amendment conditions, studies have demonstrated that biocarbon amendments improve nitrogen uptake and seedling productivity in other plant species. It is therefore very likely that biocarbon-infused seed balls will provide a significant advantage to seedling growth, vigor, and suitability compared to unamended soils."

Jeffrey Fischer, BSc, MSc, Biotechnologist

  "Biochar Now and Tribus growth-promoting bacteria provide an unmatched natural, organic, and Bio Preferred solution for improving plant growth and yield in all crops. Both products are environmentally friendly and highly effective at promoting plant growth, but also offer durable and robust performance when incorporated in applications like Infused Seed Balls. When treated with Tribus and Biochar, Infused Seed Balls create a perfect environment for seed germination, plant growth, and strong stand establishment with improved stress tolerance and enhanced vigor."

Michael Key, CEO Impello Biosciences